Edition#1 Understanding The Basics Of Funnel Marketing, Branding & Lead Magnet

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Funnel Marketing Strategies Of The Week

#1 What Is Funnel Marketing?

As this is the first edition of this newsletter, In the first point I want to explain what funnel marketing is.

Funnel marketing is mapping out the entire value journey of your ideal customer from an unknown to a paid customer and building systems and processes that will move them on this journey. 

Now let me explain the main components of this definition. 

Value Journey: It is the journey that a person goes through to become your paid customer from a completely unknown. 

Ideal customer: it is the person who can be the best customer for your products or services and you love to work with him and he loves to work with you.

Systems & Processes: This is the setup that you will use to move your ideal customer from an unknown to a paid customer. 

So this is the fundamental of funnel marketing. If you can map the customer value journey for your ideal customer and build systems and processes to move him/her in this journey, you can build and grow your digital coaching and consulting business like a pro funnel marketer. \

#2 Basics Of Branding

In your marketing, branding plays a very crucial role to set you apart from your competition. 

So you should pick a few basic things like your logo, brand colors, and fonts at the beginning itself. 

Always use these brand assets consistently on all your social media content, landing pages, emails, slides, etc. 

It will create a recall for your brand in the market place and people will start noticing you. 

Use tools like Canva that will give you the option to create your brand kit and maintain all your brand assets in one place. 

#3 Most Effective Lead Magnet Till Today

Most of us use lead magnets to generate leads. One of the best lead magnets is an ebook or PDF. 

So many coaches and consultants are using it to generate leads. That’s why it’s also an overused lead magnet and many marketers say pdf dont work now to generate leads.

But it’s not true. Pdf is still one of the best lead magnets. 

Your pdf as a lead magnet will work or not depending on 2 things. 

First is the quality of your pdf. Yes, it’s super important. Create a pdf that is of high quality in terms of content and also visuals. 

Put some effort to create it. People should feel they get some great value out of it when they consume it. 

The second thing is its positioning. So instead of calling it a simple ebook o pdf call it something like a guide or manifesto. Or even you call it a digital copy of your book. 

When you position it correctly, it will attract more people and you can take your lead generation game to the next level. 

So put some effort while creating and positioning your pdf lead magnet and you will see great results. 

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