The Intersection of Spirituality and Business: How to Serve with Purpose (Podcast #121)

On this episode of The Rishabh Jain Show- Digital Marketing Podcast For Side Hustlers, the focus is on connecting spirituality and business for success.

The episode dives deep into how spirituality helps understand one’s purpose in life and how business is an important medium for fulfilling that purpose.

I want you to shift the focus from profit to service in your business, as it can lead to happier customers and ultimately better growth and profits.

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Show Timestamps

00:02:09 Business is an opportunity for good work/service.
00:03:45 Service mindset leads to growth & impact.
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Podcast Transcript


Hello everyone! You are listening to Rishab Jan on the Rishab Jan Show, a digital marketing podcast for side hustlers. My mission with this podcast is to provide you with the best strategies, tactics, and knowledge about sales and marketing funnels, so that you can build and grow your digital coaching and consulting business, and live a life of freedom and abundance.

[Episode Begins]

Okay, so today we’re going to explore the connection between spirituality and business. These two topics are actually deeply interconnected. Let’s delve into it in this episode.

[Understanding Spirituality and Business]

Spirituality and business are both sacred aspects of our lives. Spirituality helps us understand ourselves better and discover the purpose of our existence on this planet. It provides us with profound realizations about who we are. On the other hand, the business acts as a medium through which we fulfill our duties in this world. We all have a purpose to fulfill, and our business becomes an expression of our karma, the actions we take to live and fulfill that purpose. Therefore, business itself is a sacred activity.

[Misconception about Business]

However, if we approach business with a mindset solely focused on self-profit and neglecting the bigger picture, we miss the true essence of it. This narrow perspective may prevent us from achieving the desired results in our business endeavors. It is crucial to recognize that, at our core, we are spiritual beings. To align with our true essence and attain our purest form, we need to engage in meaningful work in this world. This work, in essence, is about doing good.

[Definition of Good Work]

So, what is good work? Essentially, it is a service. It involves serving and helping others, making a positive impact on their lives, and assisting them in solving their problems. As a businessperson, your products and services become the tools through which you serve and support people on a deeper level. When you serve others, you are engaging in good work, and this experience brings purity to your soul.

[Entrepreneurship as Service]

As an entrepreneur and business owner, it is crucial to think in terms of service. How can you serve people better with your products and services? How can you help them live better lives and solve their problems? By shifting your focus from self-profit to serving others, you create a profound impact on the lives of your clients, students, and collaborators. The pure intention behind your actions will be felt and experienced by those you serve. This shift in mindset will, in turn, lead to growth and success in your business.

[The Power of Service]

When you adopt a service-oriented mindset, you will witness the positive repercussions in your business. Your customers will be happier, as they will sense your dedication to serving them. This, in turn, translates into growth and increased profitability. Running your business with the right mindset, driven by service, becomes the ultimate form of work on this planet.

[Embrace the Mindset of Service]

I want to emphasize the importance of adopting this mindset. By making a slight shift in your thinking, you can achieve better results. Your customers will be more satisfied because you are focused on serving them better. This shift will be reflected in your business numbers, resulting in growth and increased profits. Embrace this mindset of service and witness the magic that unfolds.


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