Vision 2025:Future Version 2.0 of Rishabh Jain

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“When you want something, All the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” 

It is a very famous quote by Paulo Coelho from his book The Alchemist.

Rishabh Jain is the believer of this quote. He wants success with so conviction that difficulties in his life become powerless and were not able to stop him to chase his dreams. He believes that your desire for success must be a burning desire that should drive you every single day to take action. Consistent actions in the right direction always lead to success. 

This name needs no introduction. He is an influential entrepreneur in India. He provides digital marketing consultancy services to the top businesses of the country.

He is the Founder and CEO of Bhashi Digital Consultancy. His company helps these businesses to grow their revenue multiple times by using the power of digital platforms and new emerging digital technologies.  He is one of the top digital marketers in the country.

He is a 3 Time TED Talk speaker and 5 times JOSH Talk speaker. His videos have over a million views on YouTube. He used to speak in various national and international events.

This guy has millions of followers on different social media platforms. He also published two bestseller books. 

Audience Waiting For Rishabh Jain’s TED Talk

He is also a digital coach and mentor who inspires the youth of the country by sharing valuable content on different channels.

He also has mentorship programs where he gives group coaching to different people across the country.

He also has various online programs which are taken by lakhs of people to learn marketing concepts and to grow their businesses. 

He also organizes his master event once in a year who is attended by thousands of people from the country and all around the world. This is one of the most sought events for people who aspire to become digital marketers and entrepreneurs.

Mega Event By Rishabh Jain

Once he read the books Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and after reading that book he got to know about the concept of passive income.

At that time Rishabh Jain was doing a regular 9 to 5 job in the banking sector. After knowing about this concept he started discovering different methods to make passive income.

This the point from where he developed his interest in digital marketing. After struggling for many years to learn deep concepts of sales, marketing, and business he started his own consulting business for high ticket clients. Now he runs one of the top companies in this space.

Now, his dream to earn a passive income is completely fulfilled. He has various businesses that generate passive income for him every year. 

A View Of His Home

He always wants to inspire people, teach them, and add values in their life through his work.

Now he is doing the same through his mentoring and coaching programs. Inspiring them, teaching them to grow in their life to become successful.

He always wants to add a lot of value to other people’s lives through the great work. 

He also runs a charitable organization to help the poor and needy people in the country. On many occasions, he donates hefty amounts to help the society and the country.

His company also offers many skill development training programs and courses free of cost to empower the youth of the country.

He want to Empower The Next Generation of Country

Rishabh Jain lives in his lush green farmhouse in Goa with his family. He spends around 8 months working from there and 4 months he travels around the world and manages all his work remotely. 

A View of his Goa Farm Hosue

If I talk about his daily routine then Rishabh has a simple lifestyle. After waking up early in the morning at 6:00 AM he starts his daily routine by writing his journal. Then he reads a book for half an hour and after that, he goes for his daily workout and meditation session. 

He loves walking and does walking every day. 

The Place He Go For Morning Walk

Rishabh is very health conscious and gives his health top priority. He takes a healthy diet. He also meditates daily for better focus and peace of mind. 

Rishabh loves reading books and he finishes at least one book every single month.

He believes that reading books is the best way to gain super valuable knowledge. He reads a lot of books related to marketing, business, and mindset.

Bookshelf of Rishabh Jain

He loves to spend time with his family. Rishabh spends time with his family on a daily basis. According to him, he enjoys it the most. This one thing gives him so much happiness.

He gives the credit of his success to his wife who is supporting him since the days when he was struggling in his life to succeed.

On asking about how he feels about his life, He said “Thanks to my businesses and passive sources of income which let me live my life the way I always wanted to live and serve other people the way I always wanted to serve. 

No doubt Rishabh Jain is now a big personal brand in India who is inspiring millions of people every day to chase their dreams. Rishabh still considers himself a learner who is learning every single day and try to do his best to help himself and others in society and country.  

P.S: This is the vision of the author for the year 2025. This is his ideal version which he called his Version 2.0. This activity is done by him under the Digital Deepak Internship Program.

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