How To Schedule Social Media Content With Publer?

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You know how important it is to post on social media on regular basis.

It will keep your audience aware of your brand, products, and services. 

It also helps in the powerful branding of your business or for you.

You can keep your audience engaged with your brand and at the same time can get new customers from your social media content.

But posting on social media is not easy. 

It’s very difficult to manage time from your busy schedule and post on social media platforms with consistency.

To tackle this problem you need a social media content management tool or in simple words a social media content scheduler. 

Now let me tell you about the tool.

Social Media Management Tool- Publer

There are plenty of tools in the market like buffer, Hootsuite, and many more but my favorite is Publer. 

Publer is a beginner-friendly and very easy to use tool that can help you to schedule your entire social media content. 

The best part about it is, it has a free version as well.

If you post one or two posts a day on your social media profile like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln, Pinterest, YouTube, etc then the free version is more than enough to manage your social media platforms for an entire week.  

There is an extra advantage for you if you are a local business and managing a client who is a local business. 

Publer offers the Google My Business (GMB) integration as well. So You can schedule upto 10 posts on your GMB at a time from Publer. 

Now you can keep your customer aware of all your latest offers, announcements, and future events by scheduling them in Publer. 

Watch this video to know more about Publer and how you can use this tool to schedule your social media content for an entire week. 

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