Facebook Advertising: Types of Audiences In Facebook Ads

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When you are running ads on Facebook, targeting the right audience is very important. Without proper targeting reaching out to the right customer is very difficult.

Let’s have a look at various reasons to create an audience in facebook ads.

Reason To Build To An Audience In Facebook Ads

These are the main reasons behind creating an audience while running and Facebook ad campaign.

  1. To target those people who could be actually interested in our product or services.

2. To retarget/remarket the people

3. To boost brand awareness by coming in front of right kind of audience.

Types of Audiences in Facebook Ads

Now let’s have a look at the types of audiences in Facebook ads.

So, there are three types of audiences in Facebook ads.

1. Saves Audience

2. Custom Audience

3. Lookalike Audience

Let’s look at every type of audience one by one.

The saved audience is the audience that we target based on the basis of demographics, interests, and behaviors. When we use these things to target the cold audience, the audience we create is a saves audience.

A custom audience is used for retargeting those who already interacted in our page or website. Maybe they watched our videos on Facebook or Instagram. So when we want to target these people we can create a custom audience.

A lookalike audience is an audience that is similar to our source audience. source audience could be a saved audience or it could be a custom audience.

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