How To Use Facebook For Affiliate Marketing and Selling Affiliate Products With Free Traffic?

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative business opportunities on the internet. 

But are you the one who doesn’t know how to use Facebook for affiliate marketing? 

Do you want to know how to use Facebook groups for affiliate marketing?

Are you the one who doesn’t have complex funnels or blogs or youtube channels to promote your affiliate offer? 

Don’t worry!!! There is an easy way of doing it. 

I am not saying it will start working immediately. You have to put your efforts here as well but it’s much less complicated than having a blog or Youtube channel. 

You can do it with the help of your Facebook account. 

If you want to know the complete Facebook affiliate marketing strategies then keep reading this post till the end. 

This is the only guide you need to start affiliate marketing with Facebook. 

Why Use Facebook For Affiliate Marketing?

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world with 2.8 billion monthly active users according to

65% of the total users are under 35 years of age. It means a young and dynamic audience is dominating the platform. 

So why not leverage it to connect with the right audience who is interested to buy the products or services you are selling or promoting as an affiliate. 

Now I think you are convinced that Facebook is an amazing platform to start your affiliate marketing business. 

Facebook Affiliate Marketing Strategy 

This guide will tell you the step-by-step process of how to start affiliate marketing with Facebook. 

You will learn the following things:

  • How to set up your affiliate marketing funnel to capture leads.
  • How to optimize your Facebook profile to convert visitors into leads. 
  • How to use Facebook groups for affiliate marketing.
  • How to build your Facebook tribe to promote affiliate products.
  • How to nurture your Facebook audience.
  • How to use email marketing to convert your leads into paying customers.

So let’s begin to learn how to use Facebook for affiliate marketing and selling affiliate products with FREE Traffic. 

How To create a Two-page Optin funnel without Having Any Blog or Website?

So the first step is having a system that can capture the email addresses of the leads that we will attract with the help of Facebook. 

Now you may be thinking that to have a landing page I have to buy a domain and hosting and need to have a website. 

My answer is No, it’s not compulsory to have a website for creating a landing page. 

There are many other ways of doing it. I will tell you the way which is going to cost you ZERO bucks. 

Yes!!! You can make it free of cost in the beginning and use it for a lifetime. 

But it is recommended that once you start making enough money, you should go with your own website or some good funnel builder tool like ClickFunnels or GrooveFunnels.

Now the question is why this lead funnel is needed in the first place?

Let me answer it first. 

You need a lead funnel because it will help you to segregate the real people who are actually interested in your offer and then you can nurture them with the help of email marketing to sell your offer in the future. 

You must have heard it before that “ Money is on the List”.

There are many studies that tell that every $1 spent on email marketing can make up to $44. 

That’s insane. This kind of Return on Investment (ROI) is not possible in any other channel. 

Also, it’s easy to start with email marketing as many autoresponders have free plans which let you collect upto 1000 email addresses. 

So why not leverage it here when you can do it without any investment. 

Creating this one funnel can completely change the game for you.   

lead magnet to attract leads

So I hope you are convinced that we must have one lead funnel which will capture the details of our leads in exchange for a lead magnet. 

How To Create a Lead Funnel To Generate Leads for Affiliate Marketing Business 

Let me tell you the free method of creating a landing page. 

You can create a landing page with the help of your autoresponder. 

I will recommend you to use MailChimp or Moosend to Create a landing page and send emails to your leads on automation. 

The advantage of doing it with an autoresponder is it will make the process simpler for you. 

You will have access to everything in one place. As a beginner, it’s good to keep things simple. 

You can switch to any high-end funnel builders like ClickFunnels anytime in the future. 

But at least in the beginning, you can avoid them if you don’t have much money to spend on these tools. 

So you need to create two pages in your lead funnel. 

  1. Squeeze Page
  2. Thank You Page

Squeeze Page

The purpose of the squeeze page is to squeeze out the email address of your visitors. 

Write one Attention-Grabbing headline along with a sub-headline if required. 

Then add a picture of your lead magnet and then add the one opt-in form to capture details like email address and name.

Lead magnet is a free resource that you offer to your audience in exchange of their details like name and email address.

Give a Call to action (CTA) to push visitors to take action by submitting their details. 

Here is the picture of one of the squeeze pages that I use to capture the details of the people who are interested in affiliate marketing. 

You can click here to have a look and even give your details to see how automation is working and how my thank you page looks. 

Thank You Page

Once you have your squeeze page ready, this is the time to create your thank you page. 

I have already told you that you can create these pages very easily on email marketing software like MailChimp, Moosend, MailerLite, or Convertkit. 

Most of these tools give you a free account for 500 or 1000 subscribers in your email list for free with the facility to create landing pages.

Let’s come back to your thank you page. 

So your thank you page will deliver the lead magnet to your leads. As the people have already given you their details so now they become your leads. 

Now you can give them the free gift that you have promised on the squeeze page. 

How To Deliver Your Lead Magnet?

Method 1: 

You can give them the direct link to download your lead magnet on the thank you page in the form of a button.  

When people will click on the button they will be able to download their free gift.  

Your lead magnet could be an ebook, video training, template, checklist, cheatsheet, etc anything they are interested in and can solve one small problem in their life. 

Like I have a lead magnet that helps people who are running Facebook ads to know how to do laser-sharp targeting on Facebook to reach the right audience. 

You can upload your lead magnet file on google drive or dropbox. Get the download link from these tools and put it on your thank you page in the form of a button. 

Method 2:

You can also deliver your lead magnet in their email inbox by setting up an automation email on your autoresponder. 

Most of the tools I mentioned above are offering this automation email sequence feature in free accounts also. 

So can simply set automation which will trigger when someone will join your email list by submitting their details on the squeeze page. 

As soon as they submit their details on the squeeze page they will be added to your email list and automation will trigger that will send them an email. 

In this email, you will thank your leads for showing interest in your offer, and also you will give the link of your lead magnet in the same email.  

By doing this you will also start a conversation with them. 

I am going to tell you how to setup your email sequence later in this blog post. 

This email sequence will nurture your leads and move them to become your customer by buying your stuff. It could be your own product or it could be an affiliate product. 

Pro Tip: You should test both the methods and see which one is giving you the best results and then you can stick with that method. Testing is the key to marketing. So never stop yourself from testing different things. 

After completing this step you are done with the most difficult part of the process in terms of technical knowledge. 

Now your lead funnel is ready to generate leads for you. 

You only need to send traffic to it to see the magic. 

But how will you get traffic which is completely free?

In the next few sections, I am going to tell you various ways to get traffic to your lead funnel.

So let’s cover them one by one.

How to Bring traffic to your Lead funnel with the help of your Facebook Personal Profile

Before getting traffic to your Facebook profile and to your lead funnel you need to optimize your Facebook profile. 

If your profile is not ready to hook and hold the visitors then all our future efforts become useless. 

So let’s just learn about Facebook profile optimization which is going to make your Facebook profile a powerful sales machine. 

Facebook Profile Optimization Organic For Lead Generation

So if your profile is not optimized then this system will not work at all. 

Because your profile talks with the people who are visiting your profile. So your need to optimize it for capturing the traffic that you’re going to get in the next step. 

The process of optimization is simple. 

Follow this 4 step process to get through it.

Step 1: Add Professional Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first thing that anyone visiting your profile will see. It’s at the center of your profile and it’s super important. 

Having an attractive and professional profile picture will attract the instant attention of the people. 

So don’t skip this step. Go and change your profile picture. 

Step 2: Add Engaging Facebook Cover

Facebook cover photos are super important for stopping the visitor to your profile. With the help of a cover photo, you can tell a lot about yourself to the visitor. 

You can try a few variations here. 

One thing which you can do is add a photo from your life which you think your potential customer will be able to relate to. 

Suppose you are a dance trainer. So your potential customer will be someone who wants to learn dance. 

So your cover photo could be you doing a dance move. 

This is very relatable to someone who wants to learn dance or passionate about dancing. 

You can leave it as it is. 

Or you can go one step ahead and write something motivating on the cover photo. 

You can also tell about the product or service you are offering somewhere in the cover photo. 

Anything like this works like a charm. 

The main idea here is to make a connection with the visitor who could be your potential customer/client.

After completing this step. Now let’s have a look at the next step. 

Step 3: Add your one-liner bio below the profile picture.

This is one of the most important things in profile optimization. This is the first thing that the visitors read once they land on your Facebook profile.

So use it to tell about yourself in one line in the best possible way. 

You should tell what you do and what you are in this one-liner. 

Like my one-liner is “ Digital Marketing Enthusiast Helps Businesses With Facebook Ads, Copywriting and Sale Funnels”.

So you can write something like this or you can use this simple script to frame it for yourself. 

Here is the script. 

(Who you are) helps (target audience) with (your method or vehicle of getting results). 

So use this script to write a one-liner bio about yourself or you go creative and write it any other way as well. 

But the main idea behind it is to tell the most important thing about yourself that they must know. How you can help them. 

Step 4: Optimize the Facebook bio and add the links. 

Here you have to add the relevant information about yourself related to your work and business. 

Also, it is very crucial to add the link of your lead magnet funnel here. You have already created our lead funnel above. 

Just add the link to that funnel in your Facebook bio. It will help you to generate free organic leads from those people who are going to visit your profile. 

Quick Reminder: Keep reading the post because I am going to tell you many ways to get free traffic in your Facebook profile and in your lead magnet funnel. 

Now let’s drive into the section you are eagerly waiting for. 

Yes, time to explore ways to drive free traffic to your profile. In the next few topics I am going to tell you various methods, so read carefully. 

How to use Facebook groups to build connections and attract more potential buyers. 

Once you have your Facebook profile optimized and your lead funnel ready, you can start driving traffic to your Facebook profile and ultimately to your lead funnel. 

But the big question is how will you get the traffic to your Facebook profile for free. 

So, let me tell you all the methods one by one. 

In this section, I am going to tell you how you can get free traffic to your Facebook profile by using Facebook groups. 

On Facebook, you are part of many groups. Everyone joins various groups to network with like-minded people who have some common interest. 

For example, suppose you like gardening and you want to know how to make your home garden beautiful. 

What will you do?

You will go to Facebook and join some groups where people have an interest in gardening and you will post your question on those groups to get some help and guidance. 

Now when someone answers your question, especially a valuable answer that you think is really going to work, what do you do?

You immediately visit his/her profile to see who is this guy who is talking so logically and giving such a fantastic answer. 

This is where the secret lies.

You have to do exactly the same. 

You need to be the problem solver. 

Join the groups where your prospects or customer could be hanging around and just be the problem solver in those groups. 

facebook attraction marketing

When you keep giving the solutions to the problem people will start noticing you and they will visit your profile to know more about you.

As you have optimized your profile in the previous step, so when they will land on your profile they will see your professional profile pic and cover photo. 

They will read your bio and one-liner below the profile picture.

These things will tell them that you are someone who has some product or service which can solve their problem. 

Suppose you are a weight loss expert for women and a woman who wants to reduce weight, found your answer valuable in the group that visited your profile. 

Now profile will tell her that you are a weight loss expert for women who helps to get them results fast. 

What will she do?

There are very high chances that she will click on the link of the lead magnet and will try to take your lead magnet. 

Once she will grab a copy of your lead magnet as it is completely free, you will have one lead that you can close later by selling your paid programs or services. 

Pro Tip: You need to nurture these leads with the help of powerful email sequences before selling them your product or service. I am going to cover that topic later in this article so keep reading. 

So this is how you can use Facebook groups to get free traffic. 

The main idea is to add value in the groups where your prospects are hanging around and be a problem solver for them. 

This one thing can help you get tons of free traffic to your lead funnel absolutely free. It is so powerful that’s why I have written it in bold and italic letters.

Bonus Tip To Get Free Traffic To Your Facebook Profile

Keep commenting on these groups to as many posts as possible, the more visible you are, the higher the traffic you will be able to get to your Facebook profile and lead funnel. 

But don’t try to sell on every post or comment. 

Add more and more value. 

You can follow the 80:20 rule here while posting and commenting. Post 80% of time valuable content and only 20% time promotional content and post. 

Be sure community guidelines allow you to post promotional content sometimes. 

If it’s now allowed in the group, don’t do it. 

Just add value. 

It’s enough to get traffic to your lead funnel. 

If you loved the strategy so far just tell me in the comment what do you think about this powerful strategy. 

Now, Let’s move on to the next method of getting traffic to your lead funnel for generating more and more leads for your business. 

How To Use Your Own Group To Get Even More Traffic To Your Optin Funnel

In this method, you will use your own group to get traffic to your lead funnel. 

But the last strategy is the core strategy that you will use again and again in every other strategy I will share with you in the future.

The step is the same as in the last strategy. You need to optimize your Facebook group. Optimize cover photo, description, and all the other relevant information. 

Here is the cover picture of my Facebook group by the name Digital Marketing Enthusiasts.

Once you have optimized it the way I told you in the last strategy, you will write an introduction post. 

Now, what is special about this introduction post. So this introduction post will welcome everyone who will land on your group. 

But Rishabh, how will everyone see this post when they land on my group? 

This is the next obvious question in your mind. Right?

So you can do it by pinning the post.

When you will pin your introduction post, everyone who will land on your group will see it first. 

Now the question is what the hell will I write in this introduction post?

So let me tell you how you will use it.

You will use it as the first interaction with your leads.

In this post, you will tell them about yourself and your business. 

You will also guide them for the next action steps they need to follow. 

Here is the magic in this strategy. 

You can offer them some free courses, tools, a cheat sheet, etc that could be useful for them, and in exchange for it, you can take their email address. 

Take this post as a way to build a relationship with your leads. 

When you spend time with someone you build a relationship.

Relationships lead to trust and which will lead to the transaction. 

So, this post will give you the opportunity to build a relationship with your leads. 

Nurturing The Members of Your Facebook Group

Now once you have hooked the new members in your Facebook group with an introduction post. 

The next step would be to nurture.

You should focus on building a tribe of your own. 

For this, you have to build a strong relationship with the members of your Facebook group. 

This is only possible when you are ready to help your tribe members. 

Also, you have to keep publishing the relevant content in your Facebook private community. 

You can post videos or even better you go LIVE. 

Just keep engaged with your content and try to answer the questions that these people have in their minds.

In this process of building relationships and solving their problems, you can recommend affiliate products that can be helpful for them to solve their problem.

Keep placing the link of your lead funnel in front of them again and again with your content so that they will be part of your email list as well. 

So this is how you will use your own community to drive traffic to your lead funnel and grow your email list. 

How to Nurture Your Audience With The Help of Your Content on Facebook

Now everything is ready for you.

Till now you have created your lead funnel. 

You have optimized your Facebook profile. 

You created and optimized your own Facebook group and business page. 

You have started leveraging other people’s niche groups to drive traffic to your funnel. 

Now the only thing you needed to use Facebook for affiliate marketing and selling affiliate products with free traffic is content. 

Yes, it’s as simple as that. 

Just keep creating content that is relevant to your target audience and that is helping your audience to solve their problem. 

Post this content to the groups you are a part of and in your own Facebook group. 

Your content will keep nurturing your audience and will convert them into leads and finally to paying customers. 

Your content will build trust with your audience. 

The content that you are creating can be used to nurture your email list as well.

You can create some exclusive content for your email list members and also keep recommending them your affiliate products. 

You can create an irritable offer for your affiliate products and pitch it to your list members from time to time. 

I will explain about creating irresistible offers probably in some other future posts. 

Just in the next section, I have given the link to my irresistible offer.

You can go and check it out to get an idea about creating irresistible offers that your audience just can’t refuse.  

So this is how you can use Facebook to build and grow your affiliate marketing business from scratch. 

How to Use Email Marketing To Convert Your Leads into Paying Customers 

Email marketing is an important piece of the entire jigsaw puzzle. 

We all know that the organic reach of social media platforms is already almost dead. 

Hardly 2 to 3% of your followers or friends can see your content. Rest will miss most of the updates on social media platforms including Facebook. 

It doesn’t mean that organic doesn’t work at all but email marketing will make the circumstances in your favor. 

The reason is pretty simple. We take email seriously. 

Just think how many times a day you check your inbox?

And how much attention do you give to your emails?

You know the answer. 

email marketing to nurture leads

We give much more attention to emails than any social media post.

The reason is quite simple. 

Emails are made for serious communication like business, finance, or anything important. 

This is exactly the purpose of collecting emails here in our lead funnel so that we can connect with our leads in their inbox. 

This is the place where we will get their maximum attention. 

Affiliate marketing is a serious business and if we want to sell our products then we need to connect with our audience in a place where they will come with a business mindset. 

So I hope till now you are fully convinced about the importance of email marketing. 

Let’s come to a real strategy on how to use email marketing to sell affiliate products. 

So you have to give value to your leads with your emails. 

You will send them an email sequence. It could be 5 emails or 10 emails or even more. 

The purpose is to build relationships with them and give them value so that they will start trusting you even more. 

You have to cover some of their pain points in your email sequence. 

You have to answer the questions which are already running in their minds. 

When you do this, they will feel a true connection with you. 

They know that this guy knows what my problem is and what I am looking for.

Also, you need to tell them your own story which resembles them and their problems. 

And finally slowly after few emails, you will start placing your product in from of them as a solution and then as an offer. 

You first introduce your product but not give them an offer. 

After one or two emails you can bridge the gap and put your product in front of them as an offer. 

Even if you are selling an affiliate product, you should include something of your own as a bonus. 

It could be a free consultation call, templates, cheatsheets swipe files, or even a group coaching program. 

So this is how you take your leads into a journey and convert them into paying customers.

Email marketing is a vast topic I can’t cover every single thing here but you get the idea of how to approach email marketing to sell affiliate products or even your own products. 

The strategy will remain the same for your own products as well. 

Now in the next section, I want to give you access to FREE training that will help you to understand these concepts on a deeper level.

I highly recommend it to you, if you are really serious about learning how to generate leads for your affiliate marketing business with the help of Facebook.

Also, you can read my affiliate marketing guide for beginners to get more in-depth knowledge about affiliate marketing.

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I hope after reading this complete guide, you are now equipped with the right knowledge about how to use Facebook for affiliate marketing and selling affiliate products with free traffic. 

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Thank you for reading and investing your valuable time in my blog. 

See you soon again.

Keep learning and stay awesome.

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