One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Complete 30 Day Breakdown and Exclusive Bonuses

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Are you planning to join one funnel away challenge (OFA) by Russell Brunson?

Are you not sure about taking the one funnel away challenge?

Read this One Funnel Away Challenge Review before making any decision. 

All your questions will be answered here, and you will be able to decide with confidence by the end. 

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

One funnel away challenge is a 30-day challenge by Russell Brunson who is also the founder of ClickFunnels. 

ClickFunnels is one of the best tools to create landing pages and sales funnels for your business. 

one funnel away challenge

This challenge is all about launching your first or next sales funnels in the 30 days for your business. 

So if you already have a business or want to start an online business, this challenge is for you. 

How One Funnel Away Challenge Works?

In the One funnel away challenge you will be added to a Facebook group. 

You will also get access to a member area where you will have all the links and bonuses.

Every day at 12 ETD Russell will go live on the Facebook group and will tell you the whole strategy.

This is a session where you will discover the concepts and frameworks that are important to launch a successful sales funnel. 

At the end of each live training, you will get one special link. This is the link to Onepager. 

Onepager is a kind of workbook with one tactics video at the top. 

Here Russell will show you the step-by-step process you have to follow to execute the strategy you learned in the live session. 

You will see all the steps and will execute the things on the Onepager itself. 

It is also like a workbook for you to write everything you learned. 

In this way every day you will get one strategy video, one tactic video, and Onepager. 

All Onepager will remain stored in your account so that you can get back to them any time future. So basically you will get lifetime access to Onepager. 

Every day you will watch the strategy video.

Then you will watch the tactics video on Onepager.  

If you follow every step day by day, your funnel will be ready to sell your products or services by the end of the challenge. 

Literally, you will have your online business up and running. 

But it totally depends on how much effort you put in and the actions you take every day. 

Every day there will be a QnA session as well which is not compulsory to attend but if you have few doubts then you can attend the QnA by ClickFunnels experts to clear all your doubts. 

Who Should Take One Funnel Away Challenge?

If you are an entrepreneur this OFA challenge is for you.

If you have a business or trying to build an online business then the OFA challenge is for you.

If you are a coach or consultant who wants to scale his/her business online, OFA is for you as well. 

If you are a Freelancer, OFA is for you also. It will help you to understand how you can use sales funnels to sell your services. 

If you are an affiliate marketer or funnel designer, OFA is for you as well. It will help you understand how to sell any product with the help of a sales funnel. 

So If you are into any of the above categories then you should consider yourself enrolling in one funnel away challenge. 

This challenge will help you to create an online system that will sell your products, services, offers, etc day and night. 

Complete 30 Days Breakdown of One Funnel Away Challenge

Here is the list of topics that will be covered every day In one funnel away challenge.

Day#1 Funnel Strategy

Day#2 Creating your frameworks

Day#3 Crafting your irresistible offer

Day4– Traffic foundation

Day#5 Content strategy

Day#6 and 7 mindsets By Steve J Larson

Day#8 Selling

Day #9 Sales page structure

Day #10– One-Click Order Bumps

Day#11 Members Area

Day#12 One Time Offers (OTOs)

Day#13 and 14 Weekend special training By Steve J Larson

Day#15 OTO1 script

Day#16 OTO2 script

Day#17 Connecting the pages of the funnel

#Day 18 Epiphany Bridge Story

Day #19 Hook Story Offer and Dream 100

Day #20 and #21 Weekend training by Steve J Larson

Day#22 Traffic

Day#23 Facebook ads foundation

Day#24 Creating audiences and retargeting

Day#25 Value Ladder

Day#26 Final Day

Day #27 28 and 29 It is about concept revision and the next opportunity

Day#30 Graduation Ceremony

This 30-day challenge will teach you some mind-blowing business concepts and at the same time help you to develop the right kind of mindset for your online business.

My Opinion about the OFA

In my opinion, one funnel away is one of the best training programs in the market that will help you to start your online business or help you to grow your existing business.

The strategies taught inside the program are priceless and you can use them in your business over a long period of time. 

Russell Brunson is a great mentor who teaches everything with real-life examples which makes the learning process easy and fun. 

After completing this challenge I felt a change inside me and my business. 

These days, most of the business activities are inspired by the lessons learned in the one funnel away challenge. 

You can watch this video to know more about OFA and my opinion about it.

This challenge is a step-by-step system where each day you move a little closer towards your goal of launching your sales funnel in 30 days. 

If you plan to invest in this program, I will highly recommend you enroll in one funnel away challenge.

This program can literally help you in your business. It doesn’t matter that you are an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, freelancer, or affiliate marketer. 

This challenge will help you to move ahead in your journey. 

What You Will Get When you enroll for one funnel away challenge

When you register for one funnel away challenge, you will get many cool bonuses as well. 

So in this section let’s discuss what are those things that you will get along with this challenge. 

30 days of video coaching/mission from Russell Brunson

First of all, you will be get access to 30 days of video coaching/mission from Russell Brunson which is the main product. 

In this coaching on the Facebook group, you learn the frameworks and concepts. Also, you will learn the whole strategy for the day. 

one funnel away challenge bonuses

Then on the one-pager workbook, you will get one more video. In this video, you will see the exact step-by-step process that you have to follow to implement the learnings. 

30 days of video coaching/mission from Russell Brunson

Second, you will get 30 days of live coaching with implementation coaches. So an implantation coach will go live every day and you can ask any question and clear all your doubts. 

You can even show them your work and ask for feedback. This is insanely valuable for anyone to get expert advice from the best marketers. 

Private Facebook Community Access For 30 days

You will also get access to the private Facebook community for 30 days where you can network with other like-minded people. 

You can use this community to build relationships with people who could be your clients or business partners in the future.

Bonus Private Big Breakthrough Training In Private Community

This is special training that you will get at the end of the challenge. 

This training will help you figure out the bigger picture of your whole learnings and help you to take your business to the next level. 

One Pager Digital Workbook For Each Day Mission

Every day you will be given a mission to accomplish. This will help to execute the things instead of just watching. 

One-pager is a digital workbook that will have all the steps that you have to take to complete the daily missions.

You will get lifetime access to these one-pager workbooks. 

Everything you will write on these workbooks will be there for a lifetime so that you can refer them back anytime in the future. 

Lifetime Access To Affiliate BootCamp 

You will get lifetime access to the affiliate Bootcamp. 

It is a program where top affiliate marketers who made 1 million dollars of sales with affiliate marketing will show their strategies. 

This is a great program for those who are interested to learn affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the business model where you can sell someone else’s products and earn commissions on every sale.

Download this free ebook from 6 figure super affiliate to learn more about affiliate marketing and how it works. 

The 30 Days E-Book From 2 Comma Club Winners

Clickfunnel gives 2 comma club awards to those who generate $1million in sales with one funnel on the ClickFunnels platform.  

Russell asked these entrepreneurs a question that what they will do in the next 30 days if they will lose all their wealth, social media following and resources just will Clickfunnels account to build their business from scratch. 

one funnel away complete review

These entrepreneurs have given their 30-day blueprint that they will follow each day for the next 30 days. 

You will get these ebooks that are like a goldmine of marketing and business knowledge. As these guys made million with their sale funnels so you will learn so many deep concepts about their business. 

You are getting these blueprints in the form of an ebook as a bonus in one funnel away challenge. 

Behind the Scenes of 2 Comma Club Funnels

You will also get access to the behind-the-scenes videos of these 2 comma club funnels. How these funnels are structured and how they are actually running it. 

Now, you know what you are getting inside one funnel away challenge. I tried my best to cover each and everything with you in the one funnel away challenge review.

But I have a special offer of you if you are planning to take the one funnel away challenge. Read the next section to know about the special offer that you can’t refuse. 

Are You Planning To Join The One Funnel Away Challenge? Wait I have Exclusive Bonuses For You

At this point, you know one funnel away challenge. 

You know how this challenge works and who should take one funnel away challenge.

You may have this question in mind that should I take one funnel away challenge?

Now, if you are really serious about your growth and want to discover the hidden secrets of internet marketing from one of the best marketers in the world, then this challenge is for you.

This challenge will set a great foundation for your career in digital marketing. It will help you 

develop the right kind of mindset to run a successful long-term online business. 

If you are now planning to take the OFA then let me make it more irresistible for you. 

If you enroll in one funnel away challenge from my affiliate link then I will have 16 special bonuses for you. 

Note- Full transparency from my side. I am an independent affiliate of one funnel away challenge. I will earn a commission when you register for this challenge with my link. 

But it doesn’t mean that the positives I have written about OFA are not true.

I am a passionate digital marketer. I have taken this challenge by myself and find it extremely valuable for anyone really serious about starting a long-term successful online business. 

Yes, you will get additional 16 powerful bonuses that will help you to get the most from this challenge. 

One funnel away challenge and my bonuses together are a great combination to give you the desired result from this challenge. 

Let me tell you the what are the bonuses you will get when you will take the challenge from my affiliate link. 

  1. Free consultation call for 1 Hour
  2. Lifetime support on Facebook messenger
  3. Weekley mastermind calls to discuss strategy and weekly progress. It will an accountability call where everyone will tell about their weekly progress and achievements.  
  4. Pre OFA training call where I will prepare you for OFA so that you can execute maximum things during OFA without getting stuck anywhere.
  5. One physical copy of the book from the secrets trilogy of your choice is at your doorstep
  6. My premium training Affiliate Leads Accelerator Masterclass. 
  7. Marketing Secrets Blackbook PDF
  8. Sales Funnels Cookbook PDF
  9. 30 Day Email Swipe Files 
  10. 22 immutable laws of marketing pdf
  11. Buy. ology- Truth and Lies about Why We Buy pdf
  12. U R A Brand pdf
  13. 15 point landing page checklist
  14. Freelancing and Consulting as a side hustle Ebook by 8-figure digital Entrepreneur 
  15. Lead Funnel Master Blueprint by Russell Brunson
  16. If you cannot afford Clickfunnels then a less costly alternative of Clickfunnels (Not Groovefunnels)

One funnel away challenge along with these cool bonuses is a perfect combination for you to start your journey in the internet world. 

You can use these skills to work as a freelancer.

You can start your agency and help them to grow with digital marketing. 

You can create your first information product and launch it in the market with the help of strategies shown inside the challenge.

My bonuses will help you get extra support and accountability to stay consistent and get the desired results. 

These bonuses will make things easy for you. If you are a beginner, even then you can do it with my extra support and coaching calls.

Take the leap of faith and take this challenge to learn the high-paying skills that can help you to launch your first or next profitable business in the next 30 days. 

Now if you think this challenge is for you and you want to grab these 16 exclusive bonuses, then you can join the challenge by clicking the link below. 

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After making the payment just mail the screenshot of your receipt to email id [email protected] and I will send you all the bonuses. 


In this blog post, I reviewed the one funnel away challenge by Russell Brunson. 

After taking this challenge I find it extremely valuable for me. 

The strategies and processes inside the challenge are evergreens. These strategies can be used by anyone to grow a business online with the help of a sales funnel. 

So If you are planning to take this challenge then it’s a great step for you. 

I highly recommend one funnel away challenge to any digital entrepreneur, coach, consultant. Freelancer or affiliate marketer. 

You can take the challenge along with my exclusive 16 bonuses by clicking the button below. 

Are You Ready To Begin?

Get One Funnel Away Challenge + 16 Exclusive Bonuses

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