Why Its Important To Have an Irresistible Offer For Your Product?

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Does it happen with you that you go to a product page just to have a look and bought that product because you find the offer irresistible?

I am sure it happened with so many of you. 

An offer plays a very important role in the sales of your product or service.

If you have the right offer then it will drive the sales even if other things are not that good. 

It’s all about how much value people are getting in exchange for money. So your offer will decide this particular thing. 

3 Main Components of an Offer

There are three main things that your offer should contain:

1. No brainer

2. Irresistible

3. Full of Value

If you can create an irresistible, no-brainer offer full of value then the sales process will be very very easy for you. 

If you are planning to launch a new product then what you can do is you can frame your offer first, then do everything according to the offer. 

Means writing ad copy and landing page copy, email scripts, ad creative, preparation of bonuses, etc. 

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