Three Core Thing To Focus On For Success in Digital Marketing

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” A wise person always learn from the failure and experiences of others.”

-Rishabh Jain (it’s my version of famous quote)

Today I am going to share with you 3 core things you need to focus on to get success in digital marketing. 

These are the things I have learned after spending 3 years in the field of digital marketing. 

I am pretty sure if you understand things and focus to master them, you can cut down the time to get success in the field of digital marketing. 

So let me tell you these three core things that you need to master.

  1. Content
  2. Traffic
  3. Sales 

Content is the first and most important thing to focus as it hepls you to

  • Grab the attention of your target audience, 
  • Gain confidence, 
  • Learning things in a better way and 
  • For personal branding. 

After you have got the consistency with content

The next step is getting traffic. 

In the beginning, you will focus only on producing content with consistency.

Don’t worry about traffic.

Once you are consistent with content, it’s time to focus on methods of getting traffic. 

Don’t focus on too many methods at the same time. 

Start with a max of 2 or 3 traffic sources. 

It could be 

  • Facebook organic 
  • Facebook ads
  • SEO
  • Youtube
  • Quora
  • Instagram

Focus on limited platforms that you can manage with consistency to get traffic.

The last step is the monetization of your content by selling your own products or affiliate products or both. 

Pick 1 or 2 products and promote them through your content. 

Till now you have content and traffic both.

So you can start pitching products by adding value through your content. 

Sales skill plays an important role when it comes to selling products.

But if you are creating content and publishing it regularly.

You have an extra advantage of personal brand and trust. 

You followers will have trust on you because you are adding value n their life through you content. 

So in the last stage when you start selling, you can sell much easier in comparison to someone who is trying to sell without creating content. 

But still, you need sales and copywriting skills to grow fast and scale your business. 

Ultimately you are creating a business and the business generates revenue with sales. 

So content, traffic, and sales are the 3 core skills that can help you to get success really fast. 

Listen to the recent episode of my podcast where I have share these learnings in depth.

The Rishabh Jain Show- Digital Marketing Podcast For Side Hustlers

Here are few quick things you should keep always keep in mind:

  • Go slowly
  • Don’t expect results too fast. 
  • Work hard and smart.
  • Learn from already successful people. 
  • Take inspiration from their methods, systems, funnels and just follow the same methods to get results for yourself.

I hope you liked what I have shared with you today. 

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