5 Golden Life Lessons For Aspiring Digital Entrepreneurs

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Do you want to become a digital entrepreneur?

If your answer is YES, then keep reading. You are going to get 5 golden learning that you should learn as a digital entrepreneur.

Learning is a lifelong process and the best way to learn is by learning directly from those who are already killing it.

When we learn from those who are already successful, we cut down our time to success. A real guru or mentor will not only tell you what to do but also tell you what not to do…

It will save a hell lot of your time because you are not going to repeat the same mistakes which were done by your mentor. 

In this blog post, I am going to tell you the top 3 learnings from a multi-millionaire digital marketer and one of my mentors. 

Before we dive deep into the golden learnings, I want to tell you that I am a marketing enthusiast and I am passionate about marketing and business. 

So these learnings will be great if you want to create your online business and ready to learn one of the most valued skills in the world i.e. Marketing.  

Let’s begin with the golden learnings. 

High Ambition and Big Dreams Are Must Have For a Digital Entrepreneur 

The first thing that you should keep in mind is this: 

“Never allow your dreams or ambition to be based on your current circumstances.”

Your current situation or circumstances may not be good. You don’t have the life that you always wanted to have. But don’t let things stop to dream big in your life. You should have high ambitions. 

If you can’t have high ambitions and if you can’t see big dreams how will you achieve anything big in your life. 


You are limiting yourself by not setting high ambitions and goals. Don’t let it happen.

Once you remove all the limiting beliefs and start seeing big dreams and have bigger goals in your life, you should start learning the skill which can help you to achieve those dreams.

#1 Skill You Need To As An Digital Entrepreneur 

The one skill which I think every person should learn who wants to do his own business is marketing.  

Marketing is one skill which can help you to achieve anything in your life. 

All the top business people are great marketers. 

Marketing is the number one skill. This skill alone can help you to make a lot of money.

Marketing is all about identifying the problem that people are facing and then solving the problem by reaching out to the people with your product as a solution. 

digital entrepreneur and marketing

Three main components of marketing from this definition are:

  1. Identifying the problem
  2. Solving the problem
  3. Reaching out to the people

If any of the above components is missing then it will make your marketing campaigns will not perform well. 

Now you know which is the most important skill that you need to focus on. 

So let’s move to the next important thing.

Best Investment In The Digital World As An Digital Entrepreneur 

The best investment that you can do in this digital world is in buying the digital properties. 

Now the question is what is this digital property?

So let me tell you the answer. I am talking about websites. 

Yes, your investment in domain and hosting is the best investment in the digital world. 

DATA is a new form of currency. People are consuming data through their mobile phones, laptops, and digital devices. 

They are also buying products and services from the same medium. 

Websites are the medium through which you can serve the data in the form of information to the people and also you can sell them anything you want. 

Domains and hostings are low-cost but can pay very high returns.

So you should own a digital property and invest in buying domain and hostings to reach out to the people through the digital medium i.e internet. 

online business

After having domains and hosting you can do blogging, you can sell your products online or you can sell someone else’s products i.e affiliate marketing. 

So plenty of opportunities are there. It’s like a digital place that you buy and then you can run your entire business over the internet. 

In the digital world which is going to be even more digital in the future, having a digital space and digital business is the best thing you can do with your professional life. 

Opportunity For Automated Passive Income

Your investment in domain and hosting and ultimately having your own website can give you the opportunity to have an automated passive source of income. 

Yes, it’s really possible. 

People are making multi-million dollars with the help of these kinds of systems. It’s not a gimmick.

I am not saying that it’s a quick rich scheme and once you have a website, you will start making money immediately. 

Nothing of that sort is going to happen.

You have to work hard in the beginning. But results can be life-changing. Also, it’s not something which is very difficult to do. 

If you approach with the right mindset, you will definitely be going to get it. 

Look at the opportunity. You can make automated passive income from your digital business. 

digital entrepreneurial benefits

The reason is there are tools and methods available in the market that automate most of your work. 

You can run paid ads which will keep running without much of your attention. With your website, you can create landing pages and funnels to sell products and services. 

You can automate the delivery of your digital product with the help of automation tools like Zapier and an autoresponder like Active Campaign or Convertkit. 

You can receive payments directly to your bank account with the help of payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, or Instamojo. 

If you are in a training or mentoring industry then you can have a pre-recorded video that your enrolled students can watch anytime by just logging in into a Learning Management System (LMS).

So many things can be completely automated and you can just relax and spend your time with your family. You can have more time and money freedom. 

But to build this kind of automated system, you need to put in a lot of hard work and effort. 

There are no free lunches in this world, you have to pay the price for everything. 

But paying this price in the form of your hard work and effort is totally worth it. 

There is No limit to Earn In a Digital Business

This is the business in which there is no limit to your earnings. 

The best part of having an online business is you can sell your products or service in any part of the world. 

You have a wide reach and you can sell in any part of the world by precisely targeting your perfect customer.

Even the 20% hike in salary cannot give you this opportunity to earn with no limit. 

digital entrepreneurship

You can target anyone in the world in online business and sell your product or service at the comfort of your home. 

So, if you want to become a digital entrepreneur then these 5 lessons will help you to stay focused on your business goal.

In the first lesson, you learned how high ambitions and big goals are important to grow in life as a digital entrepreneur. 

The second lesson was about the #1 skill you should master to become a successful digital entrepreneur.  

In the third lesson, you got to know about the best investment that you can do as a digital entrepreneur i.e domain and hosting. 

In the fourth lesson, you learned how big the opportunity is and how you can earn automated passive income at some point in your journey as a digital entrepreneur. 

The last lesson was about the fact that there is no limit to earning if you have a digital business. 

So, being a digital entrepreneur is a great thing and these five lessons will push you even more to become a digital entrepreneur. 

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